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I have an internal HDD with all our music and photos on and have gone through the sharing center and shared it on our home network. Other comps can see the drive but any attemp to access it gives the message about permisions and access not allowed. all of our machines run Vista HP and we are administrators on all of them with no passwords used. The odd thing is that I can share a USB drive and all machines on the network can see and access it but not an internal drive, any suggestions?



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Are you trying to share the entire drive, or specific folders? Sharing the root of an entire drive is discouraged generally for security reasons.

click here

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I have printed of the instructions on your "click here" and will have a go at this to see what happens. The drive is a new 500 GB SATA drive which only has media on it and no programmes or operating systems.

Thanks Brundle



  [DELETED] 19:41 07 Apr 2009

I printed off the instructions and went through them carefully, the drive in question then went through a long process of supposedly sharing every file on it but at the end it is still not accessible on my network so I guess I'm stuck again



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You could try moving all the contents into a single folder called Shared, with the same folder structure you have at the moment and share that instead of the entire drive. It sounds a bit daft, but it gets round the issue with sharing the entire drive. You can map a drive letter to the shared folder on your other machine(s).

  [DELETED] 21:05 07 Apr 2009

I then shared the folder and it went through the sharing process and after a few minutes told me the folder was now shared on my network. On either of the other comps I can see the shared folder but when I try to access it a message says " I can not access this folder within the current user account settings - I am the administrator for all three machines, there are no other accounts, any other thoughts Brundle?


  [DELETED] 21:31 07 Apr 2009

Vista has found lots of new ways to interfere with workgroup folder sharing it seems, and from what I've seen there aren't many simple fixes that work on every system.

I take it Password protection is off in Network & Sharing centre?

If you haven't done it already, go to the shared folder, right click, select Properties, click the Sharing tab, click Share...
Add "Everyone" to the list of users, select whatever permission level you like (Reader being least permissions, Co-owner the most). Any luck?

  [DELETED] 17:29 08 Apr 2009

Hi Brundle, can't understand why they have made what was previously and easy job so hard, anyway I have opted for a simpler idea - I have installed all of my media files on all three of my computers in the house so it's available where and when I want it. The downside is that updating has to be done on all three or they get out of sync. Thanks for all your help



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