Several config parser error, unable to get out of hibernation and a slow laptop

  Tenusha 19:14 25 Aug 2014

Hello. I am facing several issues with my laptop these days and I would be grateful if someone out there could be a life saver & help me..

1) First, each time I try start up Windows, it takes an eternity. Each time I send my laptop on hibernation, it is worst. It can't get out of hibernation and I need to restart it 2-3 times before I can use it. So I just shut it down these days

2) I get several configuration parser errors (0x8007045D) boxes each time Windows starts.

3) IAStor Icon has stopped working, whatever that is..

4) Laptop is most of the time slow, freezes in the middle of any work I perform

  johndrew 10:12 26 Aug 2014

Firstly if you have any external drives connected you should remove them and see if this cures the problem.

Run Malwarebytes (free) or similar.

Run a decent Ad/Junkware removal tool (ADW, JWRT).

You should also remove IAStoricon; as indicated if it is still present.

Read the Answer from Microsoft with regard to your 0x8007045D error.

Let us know how you get on.

  Tenusha 10:11 30 Aug 2014

I have run Malaware Bytes and JWRT, it stopped laptop from freezing and I could use it a bit. But the parser errors are still here, IAStorIcon is still around even if I've tried removing it..

I'm having additional issues like a black screen as soon as I start up saying 'One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency...checking file system on C:....NTFS file type system...Volume Label=OS '

  johndrew 10:53 31 Aug 2014

Have you carried out an Error Check on the subject drive?

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