Setting up HomeGroup on two Win7 computers

  cagey 22:05 27 Feb 2013

I'm unsuccessful in setting up a Homegroup on my Laptop running Win7 64bit and my PC also running Win7 64bit. After trying various suggestions, I notice that the IPv4 addresses are different (Laptop, PC Could this be the cause of my failure to set up the Homegroup and if so how can I remedy the problem?

  difarn 08:11 28 Feb 2013

Both pc's need their own IP addresses. Have you trie running this troubleshooter?

Sometimes this works..

Shut down both computers; Unplug the router; disconnect the desktop's ethernet cable if connected this way; Plug in router; Boot computers.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:33 28 Feb 2013

Useful to know what you have tried before to sort this problem. The different IP addresses is what it should be.

I have a small network and the great thing about Windows 7 is being able to add a PC to the network as I did yesterday. All that was needed was to click on home network on the PC I want to join the Homegroup and follow the on-screen instructions and add the password which you will get from the original PC.

  cagey 11:51 28 Feb 2013

Hi lads, thanks for replies. Both computers were both wireless. I disabled the wireless facility and connected both via lan cables and successfully set up my Homegroup. However, when I disconnected the cables and enabled wireless, the Homegroup appeared but I couldn't open the libraries. I have noticed in some troubleshooting, it says that IPv6 must be enabled; I can do this on the PC, but when I tick the box to enable it on my laptop and check Properties, a message comes up "In order to configure TCP/IP, you must install and enable a network adapter card". Could this be the cause of not being able to open libraries and how do I rectify it? Any help is much appreciated.

  cagey 16:49 28 Feb 2013

I think I have solved my problem. I found this solution on another forum.

"Then i went to check my kaspersky internet security 2010 firewall settings for both PC and laptop; under the Firewall settings -> Network (Tab), PC shows the network connection to the modem STATUS is "Local Network" and the laptop shows "Public Network", SO I CHANGED THE LAPTOP network connection from "Public Network" to "Local Network" AND IT WORKS!"

I am using Kaspersky 2012 on both computers, so I carried this out on both computers and it appears to be ok. I'll keep my fingers crossed that problem is now solved

  difarn 16:54 28 Feb 2013

I assumed that the troubleshooter link given earlier explained this, obviousl not. Glad you have resolved the problem.

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