Serious Issue with Disk Cleanup

  Anti_Virus 18:47 18 Jul 2008

Hi. I have a new Dell Latitude D630, with Vista Business installed. I have expereinced this problem outlined at this web site:

click here

The genral concensous there (and also here: click here ) is that the problem is with registry cleaners, which I do have in the form of WinAso Version 4.0.5

Now, when I expereinced the problem, I was very suspicious of the fact the Disk Cleanup utility had found 129GB to clean on my 160GB HDD. As such, I canceled the deletion about 5/10 seconds in. Then I went to find out about it, which is where I stubmled upon the above two articles.

Now while I haven't actually experienced any issues with Windows, I was wandering whether I should do a repair installation? Does anyone know what the Windows deletion process entails? If you cnacel a few seconds in, will any files it had started to delete still be intact? I only ask because so far my System Restore's have failed, and I'm just worried that maybe some time in the future I will experince problems cause by the started formatting of my HDD.

  BurrWalnut 19:16 18 Jul 2008

Have a look at some of the major system folders, e.g. what size is the \Windows\System32 folder?

I have one of 2.67GB with 16,600 files in 1120 folders.

The registry (incl. it's backup) in \Windows\System32\config is 191MB.

  BurrWalnut 20:07 18 Jul 2008

Whoops! I should have said (incl. its backup).

  Anti_Virus 21:29 18 Jul 2008

Hi. Thansk for that, it's a very good idea. Thankfully my System32 folder is 2.68GB, so it's actually slightly bigger than yours. What size is your C:/Windows folder? Mine is 11.7GB (11.8 Size on Disk).

I guess that means nothing was affected? What do you know about the deletion process? If you cancel it a few seconds in, are your files corrupted?

  peter99co 21:42 18 Jul 2008

I would have thought a disc cleanup was safe enough to run. Only files that are not reqd are deleted. You should also,before it begins to delete, get an opportunity to untick any groups of files you do not want cleaning.

  Anti_Virus 22:26 18 Jul 2008

Hi. If you read the two links I added to my first post, you'll see that due a brocken/deleted registry file, disk cleanup is giving you the option of deleting error reporting files worth massive amounts of GB's (in mine it was 129GB). If you leave them ticked and you clean them up, then disk cleanup delete's all your personal files and folders, emails, programs, and windows isnatallation, rendering your PC unusable and in the need of a complete re-installation of Windows!

While I agree with you in that I should have read and unticked any groups I didn't want deleted, I just did what I normally did, and didn't really look at the amount that could be cleaned. When, after I'd already started the process, I did see that it was reporting 129GB would be cleaned, I canceled it. Other's were not so lucky if you have a look at the second link I posted.

  peter99co 23:01 18 Jul 2008

Are you having to leave error reporting files?

  peter99co 23:05 18 Jul 2008

And as a result lose 129gb of space on your drive?

  peter99co 23:09 18 Jul 2008

I would have thought a repair is a good option and should not affect your Personal File and Documents. What does Help and Support tell you about Repair Issues?

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