Seem to be missing some downloads?.

  spuds 13:06 03 Jun 2014

Please bear with me on this one, because I have only just started to use Windows 7, so it becoming a bit of a learning circle for me.

I am trying to install a Brother DCP-135C printer on the computer, and having lost or misplaced the original installation documents and cd, I attempted to download the relevant items from the internet.

No having much success, I contacted Brother direct, and was informed that they do not provide the installation cd, but they provided links, which I downloaded. It would appear that the downloads where successful, due to messages on completion with the downloads. It may have also indicated that the downloads were decompressed?.

Opening the download file, and cannot seem to find the downloads that were previously installed for the printer?.

W7 64bit

Any ideas or suggestions most welcome.

  spuds 16:33 03 Jun 2014


The link is the same Brother provided, and I downloaded all sections from the links.

When I downloaded, I was informed that the downloads were successful. It was after that, a oblong box appeared with three tabs around 'some blue wording', similar perhaps to programme information. The three tabs consisted of 'browse' decompressed' and 'cancel'. I pressed 'decompressed', because I wasn't sure what 'cancel' would do.

Perhaps I should have used the 'browse' tab, and hadn't understood that, at the time?.

I'll use your links, and download again, and see what happens?.

  spuds 16:49 03 Jun 2014

I have just made another attempt, and was provided with a 'run' tab. Clicking on that, the oblong box mentioned above appeared. 'Browse' showed little. 'Cancel' aborted procedure?.

I was then given information regarding uninstalling any previous drivers, and making 'temporary' files?.

Obviously I appear to be doing something wrong here?.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:49 04 Jun 2014

Don't click on lavrentyireny's link as it's a Word document that appears to contain a malicious macro.

  spuds 12:10 04 Jun 2014

True to form, I have found a number of manuals and installation cd's for all my other printer's, but so far not the ones's for the Brother, which would make life much easier for the Brother printer installation.

I have to much going on at present, so I think I will leave this for the time being.

Thanks everyone for the input, most appreciated.

  spuds 12:15 04 Jun 2014


I notice that have just joined this forum, and so far made three posts with the same link. Pity that you have nothing better to do, than try and ruin others requests for help.

  spuds 17:30 04 Jun 2014


You are a star. Followed your instructions, and now have the Brother printer connected to the W7 computer, and all works fine.

Simple when you know how :O)

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