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Security between Win7 and Win10 on dual boot

  aix123 23:09 06 Jan 2020

Windows 7 updates are coming to and end, for most people, next week. I have a dual boot laptop with Windows 7 and a trial version of Windows 10, which I may buy a licence for in a few weeks. After Windows 7 no longer gets security updates, even if I have my Internet connection in Win7 turned off when I use it, is it possible that it's vulnerable via Win 10? Win 10 updates will protect Win 10, but surely Win7 will be vulnerable, because from within either OS I can access files on the other OS.

Apologies if this sounds a silly question. I'm not a complete beginner, but know nothing about Windows security.

I'd appreciate any tips or advice.

  Govan1x 00:14 07 Jan 2020

You can still get a free upgrade to W10 providing your W7 is genuine.

  aix123 11:08 07 Jan 2020

I'm unsure yet whether I wish to use Windows 10, long-term, and have a 90 trial, while I keep Windows 7 on my computer. Really just trying to find out an answer to what I asked, but thanks anyway.

  wee eddie 14:18 07 Jan 2020

aix: in the short term you will have a choice, you can use both.

In the long term, you have no choice, unless you are prepared to isolate that particular PC from the Internet.

  aix123 16:02 07 Jan 2020

Thanks. But that's my point. On a machine with dual boot Win 7 and Win 10, from within Win 10 the folders and files for Win 7 are accessible. So even if Win 7 is only ever used offline, then the question is: after no security updates are available for Win 7, can't it be attacked via the internet while using Win 10? And if it is, why and how?

  wee eddie 16:20 07 Jan 2020

Why bother. If you have Win 10, just ditch Win 7, and be done with it

  x13 16:43 07 Jan 2020

can't it be attacked via the internet while using Win 10? And if it is, why and how?

Yes. If Win 10 gets a Ransomware infection for example it will encrypt everything including connected external USB backup drives. Hence the external drives should always be stored disconnected for security reasons. 'Why' is pretty obvious - it's the 'how' I can't answer. You're missing an opportunity to upgrade for free to Windows 10 via Win 7 but that's your preference.

  aix123 17:06 07 Jan 2020

Thanks for taking time to reply. That's useful to me, x13. Fair question, wee eddie, but there are reasons why I bother, for example really liking Win 7 and not really liking Win 10 that much at the moment, but giving it a go on a trial version for a while. Ultimately, if I don't like it I'll use Linux.

Before you both replied just now, I came across a post on another site, from a while ago, which is enlightening to me. I'll try to post the link below, if that's allowed here:

click here

  x13 17:39 07 Jan 2020

You've answered your own question and whichever OS you decide on - then good luck.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 07 Jan 2020

You can make win 10 look and feel like win 7 using various adaptations to change things like the start menu etc.

Classic Shell

  wee eddie 20:59 07 Jan 2020

I have been running Windows since, I think, Version 2.1. I have hated most of the new ones. Luckily I managed to miss Vista and kept an IBM running Windows 98se in the office, disconnected from the internet, for years so that I could run special Hardware. Eventually, I came round to the next version before it was retired

I now run W10. There are no stupid boxes on the desktop, just 5 links and 3 shortcuts. I have 7 shortcuts on the Taskbar, to software I use on a day-to-day basis. My background cycles through a special Folder, that I have set up, a new one every day. Today is some kids skating on Helsinki's Waterfront

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