screen turns off, taskbar turns gray

  Shachii 05:56 30 Mar 2017


My Dell laptop was working perfectly fine since last night. When I turned it on this morning, there's this note of malwarebytes that said something like "unable on this service" then my laptop screen suddenly turned off. The wifi,battery,and the power button were still on,though. The screen just won't turn on

I removed the battery to turn it off. I put the battery back and turned it on again. I started Windows normally. Then the Start button and the task bar turned gray and my desktop background was black. The screen turned off again.

It would only work in safe mode with my start button and taskbar still gray and my desktop background black. I'm using Windows7 by the way.

What should I do to change it back to normal? I can't format it since all my files are in there...please help me. Thank you~

  Procrastinus 09:49 31 Mar 2017

One possibility is a failure of your video card. Can you connect up to and external monitor and see if it works normally? If it does you can then back up all your files.

  Shachii 09:55 31 Mar 2017

Unfortunately, I cN't conect it to an external monitor...

  Ammad Yousaf 16:32 31 Mar 2017

try to restore your system in windows 7 goto taskbar press start button on taskbar

search "system restore" or goto to accessories folder then system tool and almost at bottom you will find the system restore option

well you have to take your drivers disk with you because some times it is going to restore you pc from its beginning so you may lose you drivers and may be some software's too. i hope you can reinstall your installed software's but you may have to install you drivers again

it is only restoring the system files in c drive it is not affecting the user files that are downloaded from the user but i am recommending you that you have to take a backup of your download data in c drive in case of wiping data you can have a copy of you downloaded data thanks if you face any problem the let me know about it you can email me as well if you like

but i am again informing you to have a ready backup of the data that you download from the internet and the try to restore your pc from "system restore" option

it is a safer option and also take the drivers with you so that you may not be in a big trouble at all

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