screen saver in windows 10 stopped working

  karenandcreed 05:54 19 Dec 2015

Hi, I use my photos for my screen saver. it has always worked until 2 days ago. I did try changing the screen and display settings to never. but no luck. can you please help me out ? Thank you

  pravin007techno 08:12 19 Dec 2015

It is outdated operating system problem. So kindly update your operating system.

  karenandcreed 21:21 19 Dec 2015

thank you for the reply. windows 10 automatically updates when they become available.. but did you mean that I need to do some other kind of update ? thanks for helping me.

  karenandcreed 23:31 19 Dec 2015

no, I do not have 'whiteboard'. unless it is hidden under another name. the strange thing is that the screen saver was working until a few days ago. I know using a screen saver is old school but I like to use mine because it has my photos. Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 09:38 20 Dec 2015

When something that previously worked suddenly stops working it's possible that the problem is either an operating system update, or something that you have changed in the settings without realising the implications.

If you haven't made any settings changes, I suggest that you use system restore to choose a restore point that was made when you know the screensaver was running. That will reset your system registry, and it's worth a try.

  karenandcreed 18:38 20 Dec 2015

ok. thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

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