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screen saver pictures not showing query

  conrail 14:21 08 Feb 2020

Running windows 10 home, I have a folder in my C:\pictures folder called desktop pics, mainly grandchildren pictures plus a few family pictures, I use this as my screensaver which changes picture every minute, this runs fine but if there is 2 minutes of inactivity I get a black screen and the message “There are no photos in C:\users\name\pictures\desktop pics “, I know they are there because when I press a keyboard key or the mouse the screen comes back to life and the picture screen saver becomes active, for example if I am working on a document that is not full screen I can see the pictures changing behind the document. My power setting are Turn of display & put the computer to sleep are both set the same, after 30 minutes on battery never when plugged in, so no idea why I get a blank screen with the message after 2 minutes or why the pictures cannot be found, I have tried moving the folder to the desktop and set it for that location but I get the same result, all help and advice appreciated

  x13 16:55 08 Feb 2020

I think you mean Desktop Slideshow rather than Screensaver? Some hints here that might help.

  conrail 17:37 08 Feb 2020

thank you x13, using your link I have changed all my settings, also thank you for pointing out about it being slideshow and not screensaver, I have created a new folder, put all my photos in that and selected that folder but when choosing that folder and opening it via the power option it is empty although when I open it via my pc they are there, also still getting the black screen after 2 minutes although I have reset that option

  x13 18:06 08 Feb 2020

I'm testing it out with a folder on my desktop with 65 images and will leave the laptop for 2 minutes or so to see if I have the same issue.

  x13 18:29 08 Feb 2020

Working ok for me, selecting personalise and choose albums etc, selecting the folder and opening that folder shows a blank as it is only looking for a folder and not for files. It's not really empty.

In settings, system, power and sleep, turn off screen and sleep are set to never. Not tried it on battery though.

  conrail 18:32 08 Feb 2020

Hi x13, "selecting the folder and opening that folder shows a blank as it is only looking for a folder and not for files." that has cleared that up but still getting black screen after 2 minutes but I appreciate your help and advice

  x13 18:46 08 Feb 2020

Try creating a new folder on the desktop and call it 'Slide' or something and put some photos in it. Browse to that folder to test out. Not sure why this happens if the computer is idling for a few minutes though. Some power saving mode maybe?

  conrail 18:55 08 Feb 2020

thanks x13, no luck, it has to be something to do with the power settings, I will have to go through each one and find out why I am getting the black screen after 2 minutes

  conrail 11:20 09 Feb 2020

Hi x13, been trying different power settings, thought I had found problem this morning in power options, advanced settings, turn off hard disc was set for 2 minutes, changed that to never, click here but it hasn't worked, best option now is to ignore things, thank you for your help and advice, it was most appreciated

  x13 11:45 09 Feb 2020

Sorry it didn't work out :(

You could try running the system file checker and if it shows errors it can't fix then run it a few times more. Reboot then try the DISM restore health command. It won't hurt to try.

Open Windows PowerShell (admin) copy and paste sfc /scannow and press enter.

To run the DISM command open Windows PowerShell (Admin) and copy and paste DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press enter. Easiest way to get PowerShell is to right click the start icon. If it doesn't fix it at least you'll know the system is healthy. Seem like it is going to a kind of sleep mode for some reason after 2 mins. Very strange.

  conrail 16:40 09 Feb 2020

thank you x13, I have tried powershell, sfc /scannow, which found and repaired faults restarted then DISM, restarted but nothing has changed, again many thanks for all your help and advice

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