Screen freeze!

  ivesy 12:17 31 Dec 2012

Can anyone help please?

Switched PC on this morning and got to the main windows tiled screen but then the screen has just frozen. I can't use any of the on screen commands using the mouse and the only thing I can get is the options from pressing ctrl alt delete. I've tried shutting down and restarting and leaving the PC for a couple of hours but no change?

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

  ivesy 13:09 31 Dec 2012

No sidebar doesnt work.

tried ctrl and f8 but i just get the boot menu. This happened a few months ago but i can't remember how i put it right.

  ivesy 14:57 31 Dec 2012

Hi tried that and managed to get to the desk top. The sidebar still not working though. I think the weather app was pre installed.

  ivesy 15:46 31 Dec 2012

Rdave13 just trying that now thank you.

Jock1e, where's the start bar?

  ivesy 16:03 31 Dec 2012


With file manager open did a search for msconfig. Ran it and booted in safemode.

Then i went back to msconfig and booted normally. Everything seems ok.

Thank you both for the help

  ivesy 15:15 02 Jan 2013

Nope it hasn't!

Switched PC on today and the tiled screen is frozen and unable to get sidebar icons.

By pressing windows key and left clicking mouse i can get to the desktop then onto file manager to get configsys and reboot in safemode.

I was able to do a system restore and after the reboot the screen is still frozen! Really struggling to understand what is going on, i wish i'd stuck with windows 7!

Any ideas?

  ivesy 15:23 02 Jan 2013

Managed to get the desktop and a message says it was unable to complete the process??? I'm trying a different restore point and if that doesnt work i'll try this 'advanced' method it mentions.

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