Screen Flicker caused by Corrupted BIOS?

  SimonGraham 15:40 06 Dec 2014

Hi, When I open some applications, mainly web pages but also happens in certain in-game scenarios, I get a screen flicker.

This is not caused by the Graphics card or the drivers (NVIDIA), as I have ruled both of these out by swaps etc.

PC is running latest Win 7 64 - 16gb ddr3, SSD Drive with extra drives, MSI Z77a G45 Motherboard (L1155), NVIDA GTX 970 Gphx Card.

I have posted a video on Youtube of this happening.

When I have disabled the images on a certain webpage, and then reopened the page, the flicker has gone. I initially thought it was Java or something similar but it may be to do with the image allocation on the BIOS? Any help would be appreciated! :)

Link to video here : click here


  SimonGraham 16:15 06 Dec 2014

I have done so far: changed and replaced the HDMI to monitor, rechecked the refresh rates (all to 60hz) and Nvidia drivers (60hz), reinstalled Java, swapped over the GPU and tested that in another pc ( no issue).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:18 06 Dec 2014

What's it like with a different browser?

  SimonGraham 16:11 08 Dec 2014

On the video - Exact same problem on Explorer and Chrome.

  daxian 17:12 08 Dec 2014

could be monitor.... test on another pc ???? try another monitor to rule out !!!

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