Screen display problem!!! please help asap!! :(

  vish22794 13:56 21 Jun 2012

I have a Samsung LED screen (wide) 19 inch and a saphire radeon 6770 graphics card (2gb) installed. everything was well and the screen was fully occupied and all that! but the last time i switched it on, i find that in an open window, the whole window occupies the full screen (ie the tittle, menu bar, the borders of the window etc.) but the content inside the window doesn't seem to fit the whole screen, it is limited to the centre of the "window". And at the sides i can see the layout or background colour of the particular page that i have opened...

to understand the situation better..please take a look at these pics (screenshots):

please help me get it back to normal...thanks in advance...:(

  tullie 15:50 21 Jun 2012

What happens if you hold the ctrl key down and use the mouse scroll wheel

  vish22794 17:43 21 Jun 2012 just bloats the whole thing...the text and all that also become bigger..but see the pics..the text are of proper size...but still..the ends are empty... for tat facebook pic...the fb logo was supposed to be at the extreme left and the username and password at the extreme right (with the same text size)...

  Nontek 18:04 21 Jun 2012

Hover the mouse over left or right-hand side, double-headed arrow should appear, click and hold on arrow and move left or right.

  BRYNIT 18:54 21 Jun 2012

From the pictures you have shown I cannot see any problems. I have a 19" LCD Monitor set at 1280 X 1020 this shows a small boarder either side, if I use my Samsung 32" wide screen 1920 X 1080 the boarders are wider.

Consider the text on the web page as a fixed size equivalent to your monitor the only difference is the Monitor is Landscape and the text is portrait. If you was to make the page fit the width of the screen you would loose most of the page at the bottom and would have to scroll down to read it.

  vish22794 20:49 21 Jun 2012

@Nontek..i tried ur suggestion..but i didnt find any arrows..:(!! before, the text also would fit into the whole screen. i rmember that very well...(everything was potrait)

  Nontek 21:14 21 Jun 2012


Try again, but first click on Icon next to red X at top right corner!

  BRYNIT 22:42 21 Jun 2012

The only way I can get the it to fit the full screen would be to change the screen resolution to a lower setting and not the recommended setting.

If you have updated the drivers for the Radeon 6770 graphics card this could have changed the setting to the recommended one creating the boarder.

  vish22794 19:28 22 Jun 2012

@NONTEK...should i minimise or maximise it before doing that?!? shalli try reducin the resolution?!?

  Woolwell 19:59 22 Jun 2012

I'm with BRYNIT in that it looks like that normally. The only way I can get it to fit the screen is use zoom. Which browser are you using?

  Nontek 20:02 22 Jun 2012


Minimize it.

But reducing the Resolution should be the way to go, but I know from experience that does not always produce the required result.

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