Scheduled backup failed. / Not enough space onRecovery (e).

  geordiefred 21:04 22 Apr 2013

Dell 1545 Inspiron (32 bit)Vista Windows Home Premium. Last night whilst on-line warning came up "scheduled backup failed." Followed by warning "not enough space" on Recovery (E). Checking that I found listed on the disk : Dell; Dell PC Program Files; Sources; Users ; Windows (11,821 items / 894 MB; Media ID.bin. I have transferred all those files to a USB memory stick.

Can I wipe the Recovery Disk (E)?

It is showing Recovery (E) Local Disk 14.6 GB Free Space 9.96 MB

  Dell-Harish 14:05 25 Apr 2013

Hi Geordiefred ,

Double click E Drive(Recovery Partition) and delete the following files "MediaID.bin" & "Folder with Computer / User name". Do not wipe the entire partition as it has a recovery image for your PC

The problem is caused due to the Microsoft Back & Restore Center not being configured correctly , It Tries to back up your data from the C drive to a Recovery Partition ( E Drive- Very small in size compared to C Drive ) . You could change the setting under the backup and restore center to back up the data onto a DVD or a External HDD- Which would avoid this problem in future .


Dell-Harish K

  geordiefred 19:02 25 Apr 2013

Dell-Harish K, Thank you for your post, and I will give that a try. Is it 100% safe, as I am self taught on a computer, only 3 years experience, and I still class myself as a novice.

  geordiefred 19:20 25 Apr 2013

Dell-Harish K, Am trying to do what you suggest. The Media ID bin shows 1kb. I have clicked to 'Delete', but it has been running now for 6 minutes with no indication that the Media ID bin has been deleted.

Also, 2 nights ago I transferred contents of the Recovery E to a USB memory stick. Geordiefred.

  geordiefred 19:31 25 Apr 2013

Dell-Harish K, The Media ID bin has now deleted, but where will I find the other file, ie. "Folder with computer/user name." which you refer to ?

  Dell-Harish 09:24 26 Apr 2013

Hi Geordiefred ,

If "Folder with computer/user name."- Does not exist,You could ignore that step. Make sure you change the setting on Back up and Restore center - Change the Default backup location from E Drive to a DVD / External HDD, So that the issue does not reoccur .


Dell-Harish K

  geordiefred 12:50 02 May 2013

Dell-Harish, Thanks for your guidance, and I have now removed the Recovery (E:). Hopefully everything will be working fine, now, and the incessant pop up warning "Low Disk Space" will cease. Thanks.

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