Scanned documents opening up in HP Media Smart Photo

  Joanna B 17:03 13 Dec 2013

Hi, I have an HP computer and an Epson Stylus SX 215 printer. In my work, I use the scanner to send out copies of documents. Once I have scanned the document and open it to check it first, it opens up in HP Media Smart Photo. The problem I find is that when the person receives the scanned product, it is usually grainy (looks dirty). Is there any way I can change any settings so that the scanned document is not saved in HP Media Smart Photo but somewhere else which, hopefully, will not taint the document? Many thanks, Joanna

  woodchip 17:52 13 Dec 2013

thats because its a image file after scanning not a doc file. to change it to a text doc you have to run the image through ocr software program

  woodchip 17:54 13 Dec 2013

ps when scanning the doc choose line art to scan it, this will make it more black and white also easier for ocr to work with

  Joanna B 18:46 13 Dec 2013

Thanks, What is ocr and how do I obtain it?

  woodchip 22:23 13 Dec 2013

OCR Optical Character Recognition. You may have got a Cut down version with your Scanner Printer. Check the software you installed or it may be on the CD

  lotvic 22:35 13 Dec 2013

Did you install the software that came with the printer? ABBYY FineReader

Epson Stylus SX215, scan a document with OCR click here

  Joanna B 08:59 14 Dec 2013


Thank you both for the very helpful information. You may now both raise your eyebrows as I wasn't even aware I had the ABBYY FineReder software on my computer! Whenever I wanted to scan, I would go straight to Devices and Printers, click on my printer and then press scan! Now I know I have this software, I will go through that instead. The ABBYY software I have is FineReader 6.0 Sprint Plus, I can see when following the link (lotvic) that I can upgrade to the FineReader 11 Professional version, I suppose that in view of the fact I use scanning on a daily basis, it would be worth me upgrading to that version?

  lotvic 14:01 14 Dec 2013

upgrading - that is your choice :) I suggest you try ocr out first before you decide to use it for all your text scanning. Sometimes the text is not 'read' properly and documents require proof reading for mistakes.

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