Saving Webpage Data to CD/DVD

  prima12 10:16 23 Sep 2014

Hi, not sure if this correct place for this question. I wish to download a vehicle workshop manual from a webpage to a CD or DVD so I have a permanent hard copy of the , but not sure how to go about it, it would be a large file.

  Chazzyb17 11:27 23 Sep 2014

Hi, normally if its a Manuel from a website they normally give you a pdf download format if not on your browser go file>save as> webpage document or right click and go save as and will direct link you back to the webpage.

you could also just copy the content of the page and paste it into a word processor and then save it.

then check the size of the document and put it on a CD/DVD with enough space!

hope this helps.

  Batch 08:36 24 Sep 2014

If the manual is designed to be used online (i.e. is effectively a series of web pages), you could try something like QuadSucker ( see here).

It can be a bit fiddly to use and you would need to set it up to use relative links so that when it has downloaded the website you can run it (the website) from your local PC.

Quadsucker has limitations (e.g. won't download from https site). And I would set it up to not download anything from external links (i.e external to the website you are downloading).

Lastly, in using something like Quadsucker you should be aware of potential copyright issues.

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