Saving pictures on Windows 8

  [email protected] 23:31 06 Feb 2013

When I open a jpg from my email (which is outlook web app based for work), the photo automatically opens in the photos app. From there, the only options are to delete it, rotate it, or save it as my background. Is there any way to save it a file to use elsewhere?

Thanks everyone

  chub_tor 08:33 07 Feb 2013

Take a look at this how to do it Click Here

  wildmandan01 21:41 18 Mar 2013

I assume you are having the same problem I had; when you get email with a picture embedded in the email that you would like to save, there is no way to right click and save as there was with older programs. There is however a work around. Download a free install of Open Office. Forward the email and before you address it to anyone, hover your cursor over the picture and click (right or left) to select the picture. Once selected there is a bar at the bottom that pops up, on the left side select "Copy" then go to Open Office Writer and paste. Once the picture is pasted in Open Office Writer, then open Open Office Draw. With the two programs open, Left click the picture and hold for 2 seconds. You can then drag the picture to Open Office Draw. Once in Open Office Draw, you can deselect the picture by clicking outside the picture or you can enlarge it by dragging it out and then deselecting. Then go to File/Preview in Web Browser then at this point you can right click and save to your file.

  rdave13 17:35 19 Mar 2013

I've set Windows Photo Viewer as default. Double left clicking the picture in the email opens it up in Windows Photo Viewer. Then file and copy.

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