Saving Outlook / Livemail For Archiving

  jimforrest 18:53 01 May 2014

I will shortly be retiring and it will be time to clear out my computer (running Win7). I have literally hundreds of emails all stored in the originating email programs (Outlook & Livemail) and I need to keep them but not in the programs.

Obviously I know how to save individual mails - but that will take a lifetime! Is it possible to 'bulk save' emails so they remain individual and accessible by some text program or a browser?

Alternatively can I archive them somewhere and still read them in some way?

  lotvic 22:22 01 May 2014

I've just been doing that with my old emails from my XP pc. (XP with Outlook Express and new W7 pc using Thunderbird)

On XP pc I created a folder structure in My Documents (with the same names of the folders in Outlook Express) and then I had two windows open on Desktop, one Windows Explorer and one Outlook Express.

I opened a folder in Outlook Express, and bulk selected all the emails in that folder (Ctrl + A) then dragged and dropped them into the same named subfolder of new Folder named 'BackupCopyEmail' I had already created in My Documents.

Did the same for all the emails in the other folders.

This saves each of the emails as an .eml file extension.

I can now open any individual .eml independently in any email client - without importing them (rightclick, open with - if no default email client)

I have now copied Folder 'BackupCopyEmail' containing all the new created folders with the .eml files in, to my external HDD.

  jimforrest 08:22 02 May 2014

Sounds good to me Lotvic - I will give it a try.

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