Saving files in Windows 10

  jbrynjolfson 22:07 19 Oct 2016

I've just started with Windows 10 and have noticed that If I open a file from one location or file path (ie. "This PC", "Documents", etc.), work on it, save it, then if I try to open it from a different direction (ie. "quick access"), then the work hasn't saved or synced from within that file path. This wasn't a problem before when I was on Windows 7. Am I missing a step or have a weird setting on? I'm not terribly computer savvy, btw, but I work on them all day.... God forbid, something doesn't happen the way I expect it to! :) My point is, whoever is able to help me out, please keep the response in the "dummy's guide..." version :). Thanks in advance!

  lotvic 23:46 19 Oct 2016

That can't be right. You only have one set of files so it can't/shouldn't be opening a different file.

The "quick access" menu list are just shortcuts to the folders that hold your files in your user profile. You can test that by rightclicking on 'Documents' (or any other folder listed) in the quick access menu, choose 'Properties' and look at the location tab. Mine says C:\Users\lotvic\Documents. (Other file items in Quick Access that are on ext hard drives are listed with the drive letter path to where they are)

  xania 16:14 21 Oct 2016

I wonder if those shortcuts are to a different location on the hard drive. If you point you mouse at a shortcut, it should open a little window showing the full path of that shortcut. Now, for the same document, compare this with the path you are saving the document to. Don't forget to include the drive letter i.e z:\carol\documents\a.docx.

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