Saving Emails In Windows Live Mail

  jimforrest 18:24 16 Feb 2015

I have been trying for ages to stop my Samsung Laptop (running Win7 with 6 gig RAM) from going through periods of running at a total crawl. At first it seemed to be the Print Spooler, then AVAST, and for a day it's been running at lightening speed as per normal. But now it's slowed again. 3 min to load Word, 4 mins for Excel, and 4 mins to load PCA's website!

It seems that finding the problem is beyond me so I want to start again with a 'back to new' reset. The only thing stopping me is my emails. They are on the comp in Windows Live Mail, and if I wipe the drive I will lose them. All other files/folders are backed up externally.

Is there any way I can copy them off the comp and put them back later after I put WLM back on?

  robin_x 22:30 16 Feb 2015
  lotvic 00:52 17 Feb 2015

You could also as an additional backup measure copy them to a folder in My Documents. If you use the simple method 'select & drag' as per the way I posted in another thread ClickHere (no Import or Export needed)

  lotvic 01:04 17 Feb 2015

LOL just noticed the thread I linked to was one of yours jimforrest, Time I had some shut-eye... :)

  jimforrest 01:23 17 Feb 2015

Thanks guys - it's going to be a looooong process! My comp spends around 10 mins 'not responding', and then whizzes along doing all the things I asked it do. But file copying and exporting is painful! It's flipping in and out of a comatose state!

Maybe better tomorrow. I've got just about everything switched off, including my AV prog, and it's just Microsoft Processes running now. Performance Monitor (which when this started showed almost 100% Disk and CPU usage) now flatlines at 0% usage for ages.

Going back to 'as new' will get rid of the problem, but it means I'll never know what caused it.

  jimforrest 17:44 17 Feb 2015

Well now I know the cause of all of my problems - HDD failure! It died last night whilst trying to back-up my emails. Unfortunately it didn't finish so I'll have to deal with that later.

That's the 2nd HDD to fail in that laptop. I've taken the drive out and it's a Seagate 750gb, but I notice it says 'certified repaired HDD'. I bought it off Ebay but didn't realise it's a 'recycled' unit.

I have an iso of Win7 and all but my emails backed up - so a new HDD should get me going again. The old HDD is 750gb - does the new one have to be the same? I seem to remember that Windows gets upset if something changes. I'd like to put a 1tb HDD in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 17 Feb 2015

You have to do about 4 different changes memory motherboard HDD cpu etc. before windows throws its dummy out :0)

so a bigger HDD should be OK.

  robin_x 19:01 17 Feb 2015

Check HDD thickness is no more than existing HDD.

You could try the Freezer Trick to see if you can get a few minutes worth of use to get your emails.

click here

Note that you should have only lost emails saved to HDD and no longer on the IMAP server.

  jimforrest 21:51 17 Feb 2015

Ok - I've bought a 1tb drive from my local shop (brand new) and I'll pop it in (I'm on my spare machine). I will start a new thread re that exercise because I need to think seriously about my back-up problems.

The old drive is in the freezer! I tried it in my caddy and can hear the motor running but a box pops up telling me it must be formatted. It doesn't grind or click so seems mechanically ok. I suppose now I'm going to have to download 'recovery' progs to see if the data section of the disc can be read. Any suggestions?

  jimforrest 17:10 18 Feb 2015

I just knew this wasn't going to be easy! New (blank) HDD installed - run iso disk - stopped after a few mins requesting missing DVD driver! Unfortunately that's all it says - no detail at all. Now, I downloaded all the drivers from Samsung previously and have them in my back-up, but the folder is 1.38gb in size! None of the folders says 'DVD or CD'. How do I get this onto the repaired comp and presumably it would be better to make the whole set available?

  robin_x 19:31 18 Feb 2015

What are you trying to do with Iso Disk?

This page says it doesn't work anyway (scroll down)

click here

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