Saving email pictures viewed in Mail

  chub_tor 20:44 07 Dec 2012

When I receive pictures attached in an email with Live Mail I can save the pictures by right clicking the picture and use Save As. If I use the Mail App in Windows 8 I can see the attachments but right clicking does not bring up a menu that includes Save, or Save As, instead I get Sync, Pin to Start and Move and Mark as unread. Double Clicking the pics does nothing.

Does anyone know of a way to save email pictures from the Mail App?

  rdave13 17:21 08 Dec 2012

You can't do anything with a photo that's embedded in the email. Just save the email and use the client on the desktop to copy. If it's an attachment then click the 'download' link, once downloaded right click the thumbnail and select 'save'. The app screen opens where you can select where to save. I usually select desktop.

  chub_tor 17:43 08 Dec 2012

Thanks for that, I have been slowly figuring it out. There does seem to be a difference with some of my emails and as you say some of them seem to have embedded pictures (the ones I cannot right click and save) and some where the pictures are attachments that I can right click and save. However whichever type they are I can always save them in Windows Live Mail, so pretty though Win 8 Mail is I will probably use Live Mail as my major email source.

Much as I like the speed of Windows 8 I am unsure about parts of the interface so I am trialling Start8 Click Here to see if it can provide me with some of the GUI that I am more familiar with.

  rdave13 17:54 08 Dec 2012

chub_tor, with respect, I wouldn't go down that road. It will upset the OS in my humble opinion. The mail app is handy if you need to be away from the PC and leaving it on the start page, the live app shows new emails. So in passing you can glance at the monitor just to check. I use WLM on the desktop to do whatever I need to do with new emails also.

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