Safe internet browsing for children

  thetrickster 07:48 29 Nov 2010

Hi all. This may be very easy to do, but I want to make sure I get this right as I believe it is very important for my children. My little girl has started browsing the internet using Google mostly for school homework etc. Obviously it is impossible to spend every second of my time watching what she is doing. Although I check through the browser history I am very mindful that she may click on a site and see images I don't want her to see. What is the best way to make sure these sites are blocked or the chances of it happening are severely reduced? At present I am using windows 7 with AVG.


  a member 08:55 29 Nov 2010

I have never had the need to use it ,but I believe your first stop should be parental controls (in control panal).
It will show you all the options for protecting your child from accessing specific areas of the PC and I believe will allow you to control and monitor how they access the internet .I would imagine this will include blocking harmful content .
good luck.

  a member 08:58 29 Nov 2010

you could also have a look: click here

  rdave13 04:41 30 Nov 2010

Also use Windows Live Family Safety. click here

click here

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