Running XP and 7 together

  droflex 02:05 16 Mar 2015

Hi, I current have XP as my main OS. It's been fine for all these years.

I've put off upgrading until now but I need to use a program that requires windows 7 or above. If I'm going to do the required "fresh install" I will wait to do that when Windows 10 is available. Sooooo:

Since I do have a copy of Windows 7, I was thinking of installing that on my external drive and run that along with XP so that I can at least transfer the files back and forth that I need.

NOTE: I can't free up enough space available on my main drive for both XP and 7 to reside.

I've read about how to duel-boot the two OS's but haven't found out how to run them at the same time. This is what I need.

I have Virtual Box and am familiar with it.

Can someone suggest how I can do this.


  john bunyan 09:45 16 Mar 2015

I will leave dual booting for others to describe. A few years ago I dual booted XP and Windows 7 for a couple of months and quickly got rid of it in favour of windows 7 alone. I would, if I were you, go straight for Windows 7. I do have all my original installation discs for programmes and I keep all my self generated data on a separate partition, so in my case I copied the data partition to an external drive , then re imported it to the new data partition after all windows 7 and associated programmes had been installed.

Do wait for other views!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:48 16 Mar 2015
  1. you cannot run both OS at the same time on the same machine

  2. It is very difficult to get windows to boot from an external drive

  robin_x 12:22 16 Mar 2015

You could get a bigger hard drive and dual boot or use Virtualbox or VMware player with XP as host.

Activating W7 in a Virtual Machine might cause problems with supposedly free upgrade to W10 later.

If it was me, I think I would just do a clean install of W7 now and buy a bigger drive as well.

  bumpkin 17:23 16 Mar 2015

Do you have another HDD or can you fit your current external one into it, I am assuming it is a desktop. If so then then have W7 on one drive and XP on the other. Then download Easy BCD and instal it click here will then have the choice on booting up which one to use.

If you do choose to do that and get it working OK, then post back as there is a minor snag that is easy to fix but no point in me explaining it now.


  Daisy_Michael 08:52 17 Mar 2015

I think VirtualBox is the best option here & you can consider click here for an additional help to set it up!

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