Run Team Viewer while PC is off ?)

  maxstar 23:29 24 Aug 2014

Run Team Viewer while PC is off ?

Guys I need help, I need to open ( Team Viewer ) on my work PC while my its off.

Here is the details : I have a PC on my work place, and I need it to turn it on remotely or automatically. I`ve founded that I can turn it on at a specified time via BIOS configurations ( BOOT SETUP ), But when ( Windows ) started up there will be ( Windows LOG IN screen ), that will interrupts ( Windows ) to start up and load the Programs on ( Task Manager ). I know its easy to put ( Team Viewer ) to start once you log in to ( Windows ) but again there will be ( Windows LOG IN screen ). So the problem is that I will be still not allowed to start any ( Program ) unless I pass the ( Windows LOG IN screen ).

Here is my idea : Is there a way to bypass ( Windows LOG IN screen ) so my steps will work probably ?

Here is the summery steps : 1 - BIOS configurations X - * LOG IN SCREEN PROBLEM * <--- My problem 3 - Put ( Team Viewer ) in start up

otherwise is there any other way ?

  lotvic 23:42 24 Aug 2014

These are the scenarios that enable you to remotely turn on an offline computer with TeamViewer via Wake-on-LAN ClickHere

  maxstar 23:55 24 Aug 2014

@lotvic Forgot to say : The PC is not on the same network

  wee eddie 00:08 25 Aug 2014

I'm not sure that your Boss would be that amused

  maxstar 00:11 25 Aug 2014

The company is for my family X_X and the PC is mine , and we don`t have ( IT ) stuff

  lotvic 00:40 25 Aug 2014

turn-off-automatic-login-with-windows-7click here

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