The Rufus doen't work for me

  yasner 11:22 20 Sep 2018

The iSO file is from Microsoft,i tried burn them to DVD by Rufus ,but this bootake disc was not recognized by my computer ,i tested it on other computers and the same thing happened. I suspect something went wrong with Rufus . If there is a better alternative, please recommend it to me , thanks.

  yasner 11:24 20 Sep 2018

The Rufus doesn't work for me .

  Taff™ 13:01 20 Sep 2018

IMGburn does it for me.

  yasner 11:31 21 Sep 2018

IMGburn ?my friend tried it on his computer before, but got the same result.

  Taff™ 12:27 21 Sep 2018

The ISO is corrupt. Download it again. I use IMGburn for Microsoft Media Creator ISO - no problem.

Which ISO from Microsoft?

  kouerasy 10:11 08 Oct 2018

There are some tools that are simpler than IMGburn, like iSOburn, Free ISO Burner and iSO To USB ..... click here
click here
click here

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