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Rolled back to win 7 all is well again

  Devil Fish 22:10 29 Aug 2015

I fear MS have made a bit of a faux par with win 10,whilst many have had trouble free installs also many have hit problems.Is it wise for a company to push out a system that is not fully compliant across the board . I got out of jail as i have some knowledge of systems,but how many have pushed the button because it is free and ended up spending money on IT consultants to sort out the problems,Cant be good PR

  Forum Editor 22:49 29 Aug 2015

Transferred to the Windows Help forum from Speakers Corner.

  Devil Fish 23:51 04 Sep 2015

Intrigued as to why FE moved this as it was not a help post

  Devil Fish 00:05 05 Sep 2015

Rdave13 I think you are missing the point. The point is users like my 68 year old mother as an example hasn't got a clue about computers other than she turns it on can get her email surf web type letter and print it that's her knowledge if she clicks on something and it all go tits up she will ring myself or my brother to go round sort it out, But many out their do not have that kind of support and a bad win 10 upgrade could cost them money to get it sorted

  Devil Fish 00:02 06 Sep 2015

haha you're probably right Rdave just put the wife on Zorin (gui for Ubuntu ) looks and feels like win 7 so may well stick her on that has everything she needs

  Bailifei 02:27 06 Sep 2015

upgraded and have been using for a while now. everything is fine. just feel like using Win 7. But still, I made a backup of the old system using easeus todo backup, just in case that I need to pay for further update or apps in the future.

  mole1944 06:00 06 Sep 2015

The golden rule with me is backup,i clone my drives.I tried W10 found it was buggy on my machine,just swapped back cloned drive 5 minute job and problem solved.I do think Microsoft were to quick to put W10 into the wild,i may be wrong but from forum problems i may not.

  Bazzaman 18:22 06 Sep 2015

I feel DevilFish has hit the button on the head in his post of 00:05 of 5-Sep.

Those that are sufficiently PC literate may well have backups / be able to sort issues / roll-back or whatever. But is seems an awful of lot of non-tech savvy bods are having big issues and then floundering.

In % terms the numbers may not be huge, but in absolute numbers it could still be massive. Assuming around 1.25 billion Windows users, just 1% equates to 125,000,000 users. Now I know they are not all upgrading (for whatever reasons), but just trying to illustrate the potential magnitude.

  Forum Editor 18:33 06 Sep 2015


"I do think Microsoft were to quick to put W10 into the wild," The same has been said of every Windows release since Windows 95. I can remember sitting on the phone with a Microsoft technical help person for two hours trying to get Win 95 to work when I first installed it.

There's never going to be a perfect time to launch because until the software gets onto several million home PCs with all the various combinations of hardware and software configurations you can't possibly iron out every glitch. In essence you need your user-base to do the final testing for you.

On the whole I don't think Windows 10 has caused any more trouble than previous versions. Remember that in the past we have had to run special forum areas for new Windows releases because there were so many calls for help.

  Bazzaman 19:20 06 Sep 2015

FE - the key difference here is the way MS have pushed W10 out onto peoples' PCs.

I know one might say "well they didn't have to take it", but seems to me that MS have been quite aggressive / furtive about the whole thing. For example, my brother contacted me and wondered what the hell was going on - he had no idea that he had "signed up" to W10 and yet W10 upgrade was downloading and busting his broadband package limits. Luckily we managed to stop it in its tracks.

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