rip off

  NoVistayet 15:23 18 Feb 2007

For many years now I have bought Microsoft products, I can see why they have a problem with piracy, perhaps if the did not rip people off more people would buy the software legally. I am not going to buy Vista. When my PC falls over I am going to join the growing number of people using linux. I currently have both XP and linux on my system.

If I could us apples operating system I would, and totally drop microsoft

  Pine Man 19:15 18 Feb 2007

It's a free world!

  kinger 21:26 22 Feb 2007

What's your point, how are MS ripping you off, NoVistayet?

  Kate B 01:01 23 Feb 2007

You can use Apple's operating system. Go and buy a Mac.

  Input Overload 11:43 23 Feb 2007

NoVistayet come on in the water's great.

The question here is cost and you would be right Vista is a rip off in terms of price. I think the other posters will confirm though that ebay purchasing via the States is one way of getting around this.

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