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Reversion from Win10 to Win 7 or 8

  Jonlar 21:29 01 Mar 2016

I stupidly accepted the free option to "upgrade" from Win 8 to Win 10, a decision I've regretted ever since. There is no way to access Settings. I can't turn off bloody updates - the computer is prone to suddenly freezing, and after I've done a cold restart I'll find it's installing or configuring updates - it's a huge PITA! The only thing I can think of doing is to buy another HDD, install Win 8 and transfer files I want to keep then try to re-format the HDD with Win 10.

So my question is, can anyone tell me an easier way of ditching Win 10 and reverting to Win 8 please?

  RV510 23:58 01 Mar 2016

If it has been over 30 days since you downloaded 10 then you won't be able to revert back unless you do a clean install of your previous OS wiping 10 off your PC first, weather a 'factory reset' would do it or no I don't know, there are others that will know more, or, if you created a set of recovery discs of your previous OS you may be able to use them. If it has been less than 30 days then you can revert back by doing a 'system restore' to a time before you downloaded 10.

  mole44 05:32 02 Mar 2016

The golden rule always but always clone your drive (i do it to two drives alternately) then in case you need to revert back a drive swap is easier,plus all your data is many people get caught out i'm sick of banging on about it do people never learn.Rant over

  Bailifei 09:53 02 Mar 2016

Just move out important data from c drive(if you save some on that), and reinstall win 8 to overwrite Win 10. And this time, you'd better create a backup first, using Macrium reflect or Easeus todo backup free. Make sure the backup files are saved somewhere else except the internal hard drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:39 02 Mar 2016

it will configure updates for awhile but if you reinstall 7 or 8 you'll sspend hours while windows applies all the updates.

If your having trouble with 10 go into notifications (task bar right) you can get into settings there.

you can then go to update and recovery - recovery - first try reset your PC with the options to keep your files. if still not happy you can go back to your previous system with in the next 30 days.

  Govan1x 14:38 02 Mar 2016

Factory restore should work if you have that on your computer.If you had W7 on it when you bought it it would restore to that.

If not you would need to buy it.

  robin_x 15:28 02 Mar 2016

Need to know if the system was originally supplied with W8 or W8.1 pre-installed and also if still in 30 day Rollback limit.


A 2nd HDD is not necessary for re-installation or cloning purposes, but if an external backup drive is not available, it's a very good purchase.

£40-60 for a 1TB or 2TB, USB 3 external Portable drive.


Make and exact model of machine would also be helpful.


Easiest option is to persist with W10, it may 'settle down'.

Also W10 Media Creation Tool allows easy full download of Windows 10.

Download and run setup.exe, from within running W10, to Repair Install the system


A Backup drive allows a Full System Image Backup to be made before making major changes, including trying to make a Factory Recovery, since they can fail too.

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