Restoring Internet Explorer in Vista Home Premium

  Pineman100 09:39 12 Jan 2008

A friend recently asked an "expert" to help him with some computer problems. Having sorted out the problem, the expert told him that he shouldn't be using Internet Explorer. He disabled IE and installed Firefox instead.

I know that many on this forum would agree with this decision, but my (elderly) friend wants to go back to using Internet Explorer.

I use XP, and to re-enable IE I would simply go to Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs>Add/Remove Windows Components. But I can't find this function in Vista. I can find Turn Windows Features On or Off, but that seems to be something different.

How can I re-enable IE under Windows Vista Home Premium, please?

Many thanks for any advice.

  Pineman100 10:38 12 Jan 2008

Thanks to both.

Razzledazzle - my friend says he doesn't have a Vista system disk. Only a Dell recovery disk. I'm not sure whether it's possible to repair/reinstall just one Windows component from this. Do you know, please?

Brundle - I suspect this is going to be more than just re-setting IE as the default browser. It no longer appears on the list of installed programs, so my friend needs to re-install it, or at least repair it.

Any ideas please?

  Pineman100 11:35 12 Jan 2008

That's a tremendous help. I think I now have enough info to be able to tell my friend what to do.

Many thanks again.

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