Restoring Files from complete back -up (HELP)

  levyo1 09:47 01 Jan 2010

Hi All I have done a complete vita reinstall after I had a problem,So I have a Dell inspirion 530s with vista home premium.I did a full back up to my external hard drive as it says in the Dell manual.Now her is the bit that's driving me mad,After the install I did my updates drivers windows updates, etc. and a complete restore back to my os c-drive but when I click on my start button the programmes are not there,but when I go into my computer os c-drive I can clearly see them but I am unable to access them or they will not re load.When I go into different forums etc. I can't seem to find the answer so I am here why can I see the files but the os can't.Please Please help.

  canarieslover 13:57 01 Jan 2010

How was your back-up made on the external drive? Did you use imageing software like Acronis, or did you just copy the contents of C: to your external drive? From your description of your problem it appears that you have re-installed Vista and just restored files from your back-up. This does not re-install the progranms themselves because it omits all the keys that they write to the registry when they are installed properly. If it was a back-up from a program like Acronis you would not have had to re-install Vista, just booted from your recovery disk and then selected the back-up you wanted to re-install. That would have left your system working in exactly the same way as it was when the back-up was made. I'm afraid that you will now have to re-install your progs. from original CD's to get them to work.

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