restore a user account in windows 7 and restore lost files and folders

  jwupsall 13:31 27 Oct 2012

I have lost my user account and folders and files, music and pictures . I have tried system restore but no success. Can anyone help. I need the folders as have business stuff in.

  johndrew 14:35 27 Oct 2012

You really should tell us how you lost the files.

How did you lose your user account? Have you changed your user ID? Did they not appear when you booted/logged on? Did you lose them as a result of the PC being shut down unexpectedly or crashing? Were they deleted?

All the above are important if you want help in attempting to recover/regain the data.

  johndrew 14:36 27 Oct 2012

I forgot the most important question, have you backed up your data?

  jwupsall 18:32 27 Oct 2012

I was removing I tunes files from temp folder as requested then rebooted and lost everything. I have a back up but April 2012.

  johndrew 09:52 28 Oct 2012

Have you tried logging on as 'Administrator' and searching for the files?

If your 'Administrator account is inactive try opening a Command Prompt with administrator privileges (i.e.: open windows start, enter "cmd" into the search field, , right-click on the found icon, and select 'Run as Administrator'.

At the command prompt enter:

'net user administrator /active:yes'

You should then see an option for the Administrator account which should allow access to everything on the PC - so be careful what you change!!

To disable the account enter:

'net user administrator /active:no'

April seems a long time ago for your last backup. Monthly is more common and for important data at least weekly - some people do it far more frequently.

  kinley 18:46 29 Oct 2012

Hello dude, lost all your data due to virus attack or any unknown reasons, no problem, here i have the solution by which you recover all your lost data. The one which I suggest is lost data recovery tool for your problem which can recover lost data from both Windows and Mac. For download click here . Any queries come back to me

  dusterrenault 07:31 02 Nov 2012

System Restore never affects personal files, such as documents or photos. You can restore files that you have deleted if you have backup of those files or you can use data recovery software like Kernel for Windows Data Recovery for recovering deleted files.

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