Restore deleted folder on Windos 8.1.

  Anabolic Broccoli 19:33 14 Jun 2018

Hi, to all. I dragged "my pictures" folder to "documents" folder and when i opened documents folder had my pictures folder (no a shortcut the original folder). So like an idiot i thought to delete that folder (my pictures) from the documents and suddenly my pictures deleted too. Can i have my folder back somehow? -I have windows 8.1 -I thought about system restore 3 days before but it restored only a program didnt affected my files(i didnt knew that :( .) -Also i tried to restore previous folder on localhost but didnt had any.(Tried to increased space but nothing). -I installed some of the recovering program's (like recuva ,wizard) but most of my pictures was damaged and couldn't opened by windows.

Do you have any ideas? Thanks!!

  wiganken2 08:48 15 Jun 2018

I assume the deleted folder was too big to go in the Recycle bin? Have you looked there? If not, then don't you have backups stored somewhere else? I have no other suggestions except to learn from this experience and, from this point onwards, backup all your user files regularly to an external hard drive or USB stick.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:24 15 Jun 2018

Because you did a system restore you have probably overwritten part of te files and that is why Recuva is finding them too damaged to restore.

  Anabolic Broccoli 17:00 15 Jun 2018

Ok thankss. Bye world :( .

  rdave13 00:55 16 Jun 2018

Anabolic Broccoli ha ha I liked your reply..however there is a direct link for Campic restore. Not a subtle program more of a bull in a china shop and recovers all images great and small. So if you decide to use it, create a folder on an external drive, that has a lot of GB free space, make that your destination folder, and try it. It will recover broken images and the originals. The hard part will be sifting through thousands of images.

in this link Nontek (Technotiger), sadly no longer with us, supplies a direct link here .

  Anabolic Broccoli 12:21 16 Jun 2018

Thanks rdave! I will try it for sure. :D

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