Require Help for Dell latitude D410

  HarrshalNene 08:12 04 Nov 2014


I have Dell Latitude D410 laptop. configuration - 2 gb ram - Intel(R) Pentium (R) M Processor - 1.86 Ghz - 40 gb HDD & other features like wi fi, blue tooth etc.

In this os is Windows XP - C drive is 10 gb. and D drive is 26.9 gb. HDD is IDD.

I know when i start laptop windows is booted from my this internal hdd.

I want to use my external HDD which is sata 500 gb. I want to use this external HDD when i start laptop i want that window will boot from this external HDD & not from external HDD.

The reason is i want to install windows 8 as well as many software are big in size when they are installed. If windows 8 will booted from external HDD i will get at least 100-150 gb for C drive which is ok for me. Also the remaining part i can use as D drive.

problem is here i couludn't found such 500 gb IDD HDD also my external HDD will become useless if i purchase new. I dont want to waste my money on that.

I want to ask you that is it possible to do this thing?

I got one information that this laptop & its configuration will support 500 gb hdd but of Internal HDD should be IDD HDD. I want Sata to use externally. Is it possile.

Answer me ASAP. Thanks in advance.



  lotvic 10:13 04 Nov 2014

No, it is not possible to use an external harddrive as a C: boot drive for your laptop.

You will have to buy a new IDE internal hard drive.

Have you run the free W8 upgrade assistant to make sure it can cope with W8? click here

Your existing external hard drive will not become useless. It can be plugged into any laptop/computer via usb and used for extra storage of your documents/files.

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