Replace laptop backup image help

  WolfTamer0902 06:49 21 Jun 2017

Ok so i got a laptop from one of those pawn shops. When I got it it was working fine then after less than 24 hours the internet cut off and when I turn the internet back on it immidatliy turned back off. I have seen this virus on my old all in one. So I scaned my laptop with avira and malwarebytes. When it came back with nothing I knew something was wrong so I reset it. After that it worked for less than a day before the previous events repeated themselves this time I noticed that avira saw a threat then quickly removed it this had never happened on any of my old computers. So I reset it again hoping I had just got something offline again. It repeated in under 24 hours. This led me to beleive that I got a computer with a backup image that included the virus. Now I need to figure out how to change the back up image for my laptop. I have a friend who is decent in computers and she has a desktop so I dont know if we could make a backup image on her computer and put it on mine or what. Sorry its long but i figured the info would help maybe. Thank you for your help in advance.

  Jollyjohn 15:40 21 Jun 2017

No a back up image from a different PC will not install on your PC. I would reccomend a fresh clean install of Windows. Some details of the laptop would help and which version of Windows is installed?

  BRYNIT 17:06 21 Jun 2017

As Jollyjohn has said the backup image from a computer will not work on your laptop. If you let us know the make and model of your laptop and what OS has been installed some one may have a suggestion.

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