Repair 3TB hard drive

  zxcvbnm,./ 09:34 08 Oct 2011

How to Repair 3TB hard drive It shows only - 1.99TB.??? First this problem does not come From Yours WD hard drive. All versions Windows -XP ,VISTA ,WIN - 7 suffer Amateurs programmer.

In implication all operational system have - 2TB LIMIT. A limit It means that if you buy more huge from 2TB hard drive Your Windows 7 It will receive only 2TB.

The only that can It helps out to overcome the issue is Linux -2010. Linux -2010 is purfekt operational system after quick installation You can separate Yours WD hard drive to 3 pises of 1TB. Dont Forget to separate on NTFS.

After that install Stupid Windows and Play. I personali will walk With Linux -2010.

On WESTERN DIGITAL I will recommend to Give With Each hard disk CD on Linux.

Georgie M. From Republic BULGERIA

  lotvic 14:42 08 Oct 2011

Possible workaround of the 2TB limit '3TB hard drive working for me' ClickHere

  a member 22:04 08 Oct 2011

I have 12.5 tb of storage on a multi windows 7 OS machine and every mb is recognized ,get a life go back to linux if that floats your boat .and stop scare mongering ,a simple google search will show several good workarounds. by the way ,I have heard Linux 2010 is good ,Ideal for those who are not intelligent enough to get along with more advanced systems like windows or mac.

  bluesbrother 23:45 08 Oct 2011

If this is not spam then I apologise to the op, but I think it is.

merlinx, there is no need to be so offensive nor to advertise your lack of intelligence, ",Ideal for those who are not intelligent enough to get along with more advanced systems like windows or mac".

Have you ever used Linux?

  a member 18:52 09 Oct 2011

It was a windup ,the same as the OPs post . the OP shows a blatent dislike for windows ,I just thought I would turn the tables a bit . this forum is a place for help and advice , slagging off any OS get right up my nose when I realize that members who may be on thier first ever PC will be influenced by these biased and unnessesary statements . in fact I have played with several versions of linux .its pretty good and stable .but it unfortunately offers nothing to me ,I require several softwares ,that are hardware specific and so few manufacturers even concider drivers for linux let alone full blown softwares . so I apologise if you feel offended . no offence intended .

  bluesbrother 19:43 09 Oct 2011

No offence taken merlinx. I'm the same as you, I get annoyed at people blindly slagging something off without trying it and as you say this forum is a place for help and advice.

Perhaps I just need to top up my 'humorous' bone.

  lotvic 19:47 09 Oct 2011

OP has started 3 threads the same, I have posted link to this thread on the other 2 (one's in Beta Testing and one in Vista)

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