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Removing/deleting dll files in win 8 64bit

  anniesboy68 16:16 20 Sep 2013

I have three dll files that I cannot remove because it says they are always in use by win explorer. the three files are... FrameUtility.dll LibFrame.dll ShredderContentMenu.dll and relate to a shredder program that somehow failed to uninstall properly or else I didn't do it correctly.

I know there is a way of some sort using regsvr32 but my attempt didn't work. Any help or advice would be appreciated please. ab68

  anniesboy68 17:02 20 Sep 2013

Thanks have tried that but with no success. Have tried the regsvr32 attempt again but am getting a box up saying cannot find the file do do some de bugging etc. I'm not getting to deep and into that so will leave well alone. Its not really a problem its just that I know they are there.

  anniesboy68 13:07 21 Sep 2013

Yes it was. Have downloaded and tried to install but it will not go. Previous attempts have been tried with the result that it says a later installation of shredder is installed will not go. This time I am getting the reply....."This product shredder is already installed preventing the installation of this product. The two products are incompatible" so.......

  anniesboy68 16:19 21 Sep 2013

Will probably do a factory re set sometime.

  anniesboy68 17:24 21 Sep 2013

Success......all gone

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