Removing W8 frrom new PC and installing W7

  ianjg3 16:50 16 Aug 2013

Recently bought a new Medion PC with W8 installed. Big Mistake, can't get my head round it.

I would like to get rid of the W8 from the machine and install W7. I have a legit copy ready (off old PC). Is this possible? would appreciate any comments.

  HenryF75 11:49 17 Aug 2013

I had a similar problem to yourself and decided that rather than go back to Win 7 I would modify * to suit my preferences, Firstly install StartisBack or a similar start button add on. Classic Shell is another good alternative. I then proceeded to uninstall all the start screen active buttons and hide everything else on the start screen except the Desktop button. I am now happy that my PC is working better than it did with Win 7.

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