Removing password in Windows 7

  sheila.weston 11:16 09 Jan 2011

My husband has started up his new windows 7 Toshiba laptop and put a password in. Is there any way in which this can be removed? I think that it must have face recognition, as his password doesn't work for me. Either of us can get into *my* Vista laptop (set up by an 'expert')and we wanted theis to be the same.

Most annyoying as I was meant to be organising the internet connection etc while he was out and I have only got as far as making the recovery disks before I left it for 30 minutes and it turned itself off.

Thanks, as always!

  a member 13:46 09 Jan 2011

are you sure you are putting in the password exactly as originally written sometimes users do not realise they have caps lock on etc .
even if you did have facial recognition or something similar ,it should not effect password acceptance .
have you tried using last known good configuration during start up ,to do this start the computer and press and hold the F8 button (this must be done before the windows logo screen comes up .if it does not work first time ,try again.
you will se an options screen in black and white ,scroll down to last known good configuration using the up/down arrow keys .and select it and click enter .
if there are other reasons for the OS not responding this often works .

  sheila.weston 19:16 09 Jan 2011

Many thanks, Merlinx. You are quite right - it turned out to be that I had used a capital letter when it should have been lower case. Thanks for the info re the F8 button. I'll keep it in mind. I'll mark this as resolved as it isn't really very important now that I can get access!

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