Remove everything and Reinstall Windows 8

  Haunter666 20:10 05 Jun 2017

I want to remove everything and reinstall windows 8 but I have this message.

What is the Windows installation? I don't have anymore the Microsoft Windows CD. I'm not sure I ever had one. What should I do if I want to remove everything but don't loose Windows.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:56 05 Jun 2017

You should have made a recovery drive when you got the machine.

click here read this and key your windows key and write it down.

click here and make the windows boot media and iso on DVD or USB ( you may need the key before it will let you download a windows iso file.)

boot the machine from the new boot media and use it to format the windows partition and install a fresh version of windows.

  Haunter666 22:14 05 Jun 2017

Thank you for you help . :)

  BRYNIT 22:47 05 Jun 2017

If you have a laptop you may still have the recovery partition to restore it back to it's original OS. Reading the instruction Manual on how to do a factory reset this is usually done by pressing one of the F keys on start up.

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