reinstalling from partition

  conrail 22:23 30 Dec 2009

I have vista home premium on 'C' with Factory Image on 'D', if I wanted to format and do a clean install from D, how would I go about it, with XP I have the installation disc?
sorry if it appears a silly question but on previous versions of windows I have had installation discs, thanks

  STREETWORK 22:39 30 Dec 2009

Go to My Computer and double click the d drive.

In the main window should be a folder called "Tools". Open this and find the restore file and double click it.

This will reinstall the system. Make sure that you back up any data you want to keep first...

  rdave13 23:12 30 Dec 2009

Check your computer manual. You should create restore discs using DVDs or CDs. A must on a new preinstalled OS PC/Laptop.
You should also see in the manual how to boot up to restore the PC to factory settings.
Usually a combination of two keys during boot up.
If PC goes belly up then you need to know how to use restore discs, or booting up, to restore settings with, now, options to repair.

  Woolwell 14:13 31 Dec 2009

What make of PC?
It may have recovery manager which will work through the process or press F11 on start up.
The PC help files should also tell you how to do this - Start - Help and Support - type in recovery.

  conrail 21:43 10 Feb 2010

sorry for delay in replying, this flu bug had really hit me, I have not been near my pc this year,
thanks STREETWORK, rdave13 and Woolwell, in answer to your question Woolwell, it is a

  Woolwell 22:09 10 Feb 2010

Ok - I've got an HP too - different model.

Please back up all of your data - documents, music, photos, e-mails etc before you start the format and recovery as they will be lost unless you do so. Also any programs that you have installed will be wiped so find the discs and licences or know where to download them.

If you click on Start and the Help and Support and type in the search box Factory Restore it will provide guidance.

There are several ways of restoring your system as out of factory.
1. In all programs - PC Help and Tools - Recovery Manager will provide a wizard to take you back.
2. Press F11 on start up.

Full guidance on the HP support pages for your system click here

  conrail 09:15 11 Feb 2010

thanks Woolwell, you have been a great help, that is what I wanted to know, thanks to STREETWORK and rdave13

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