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Reinstall Windows 8 after removing and reverting to W7

  dms_05 09:31 28 Jun 2013

I bought W8 64 bit on DVD when it was first launched but within 1 month found it unsuited to a 23" 1920*1080 screen. So I reverted back to W7 Ultimate. I'm willing to give W 8.1 a go but wonder if my original full authentic DVD would allow me to reinstall W8 so I could upgrade to W8.1. I'm certainly not willing to buy another copy of W8! Does anyone know?

  sharpamat 09:58 28 Jun 2013

You should have no problems reinstalling win 8 providing you still have the Key. The version of 8.1 is a preview not a final version.

  dms_05 11:32 28 Jun 2013

Interesting idea. I do dual boot Windows/Linux on another PC. I was always under the impression MS made it difficult to dual boot their OS's. Any tutorials anywhere (yes I know 'Google is my friend')

  dms_05 11:34 28 Jun 2013
  dms_05 11:39 28 Jun 2013

.....and the tutorial is very simple.

  dms_05 09:24 03 Jul 2013

A week on and I did exactly as the tutorial said. I now have W8 Pro reinstalled and working well - I added 'Start Menu 8' and have most of the functionality of W7.

I can dual boot and so compare W7 and W8. I must say W8 takes an awful lot of learning and I often chose W7 simply because I know how to use it.

W7 and W8 are very different but neither is better than the other. If W8.1 addresses some of the very obvious issues with Metro (or whatever MS now call it) W8 might be attractive but on the Desktop W7 will take a lot of beating.

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