Reinstall Windows 7

  PC840 21:22 23 Aug 2012

I'm trying to do a clean reinstall, but I can't reformat the drive. I don't get very far, menu 'where do you want to install window', which is supposed to have a Format option, it doesn't! Any opinions?

  rdave13 09:29 24 Aug 2012

To do a clean install you should do it booting from the DVD and not from within Windows. Format option should be under Custom (advanced) option. Have a look here.

  rdave13 09:37 24 Aug 2012
  KRONOS the First 10:24 24 Aug 2012
  PC840 17:33 24 Aug 2012

Thanks for advice, will work through them!

  PC840 00:23 25 Aug 2012

Done it!


  rdave13 00:36 25 Aug 2012

Good. Tick the tick on the right hand side, will help others who are searching for same problem; shows as resolved. Thanks.

  PC840 00:02 26 Aug 2012

'Tick the tick on the right hand side'


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