Reinstall Vista

  happyhotspur 09:19 22 Nov 2009

I am having several problems with my windows vista not least that I think the Registry has become corrupt as windows installer wont work (I have posted for help but everything I have tried has failed.

I am also experiencing other strange problems, So I think I need to do a clean install of vista.

I have saved all my files, pictures, e-mail contacts and video's to disc, but would it be better to carry out a clean install or should I format the hard drive first, and what is the best way to carry out either operation.

  mrwoowoo 00:42 23 Nov 2009

I should think you are happy after that result. Even as a Chelsea fan i enjoyed watching that.

When you insert your Vista disc to reinstall, the onscreen instructions are quite easy to follow.
I believe you have to choose to delete your hard drive contents before it allows you to procede. It did with me, although Vista wasn't on a seperate partition on my PC, so if Vista's on a seperate partition on your PC you may be able to do that.
Personally, i would wipe the lot every time.
These instructions come from Microsoft support.

Turn on your computer and insert the Windows Vista DVD or CD.

On the Install Windows page, follow any instructions that might appear, and then click Install now.
On the Get important updates for installation page, we recommend getting the latest updates to help ensure a successful installation and to help protect your computer against security threats. You will need an Internet connection to get installation updates.
On the Type your product key for activation page, we strongly recommend that you type your 25-character product key to help avoid problems during activation.

On the Please read the license terms page, if you accept the license terms, click I accept the license terms.

Follow the instructions on each page. On the Which type of installation do you want? page, click Custom.

On the Where do you want to install Windows? page, select the partition where you want to install Windows.

Click Next to begin the installation. You might see a compatibility report.

Follow the instructions.

  happyhotspur 07:06 23 Nov 2009

Yes very happy with the result unbelievable. A Very Happyhotspur. Thanks for you help, I think it will be better to completely wipe the hard drive before re-install, but I remember when I originally loaded Vista I had a few problems sorting out my e-mail afterwards, but I hope its gonna sort out the Windows Installer problems once its done.


  mooly 07:19 23 Nov 2009

Somewhere around the "Custom" install stage there is an "Advanced drive ?" option in small letters and this is where you format the HDD.

  happyhotspur 07:39 23 Nov 2009

Thanks mooly, am gonna re-install tomorrow

  mooly 11:58 23 Nov 2009

Look at the picture in step 13 here,
click here

It's easy to miss and if you don't format it's not quite as clean an install, you get the "Windows old" files left behind.

I bit the bullet and did a clean install in August and promised myself not to tweak anything or use registry cleaners etc.
Install and let it fully update... if it's a pre SP1 disk you have a days job but it's well worth it.
It's worth taking a running incremental disk image along the way if you can (Acronis) so you can play around with drivers etc and if anything goes wrong you have a clean image to go back to.

  happyhotspur 20:06 23 Nov 2009

When I have completed the install will I need my Internet router original install disc or will windows find the router and install software, I can't seem to locate my original disc, if indeed there was one. I have all the passwords and logins etc but no disc

  mooly 07:06 24 Nov 2009

Let Windows handle it all. Just go to "connect too" in the start menu and identify your router, and set it up from there.

  happyhotspur 07:58 27 Nov 2009

Just a quick update I have now completed the clean install and it was not difficult at all thanks to the guidance given on this forum.

All the windows installer problems have gone and I have a nice clean windows vista.

many thanks to all

  mooly 12:11 27 Nov 2009

Try and keep it like that :) No registry cleaners etc.

  happyhotspur 09:41 29 Nov 2009

'No registry cleaners'?

Are they bad to have them running then?

I was thinking of installing Avast Antivirus Free edition, with Malwarebyte and Advanced System Care free edition as. Are these bad for the computer?

I had AVG previously but after installing version 9 I encountered all my problems.

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