the refresh doesn t work.

  Errrdddeeellluuu 15:21 06 Apr 2016

when i press "refresh" it happens nothing.Y?

  lotvic 18:43 06 Apr 2016

In what situation are you wanting to refresh screen? (O/S, program/app) Where is the 'refresh' that you press? I use the F5 key on my keyboard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 06 Apr 2016

I think your going to have to "refesh" our memory as to exactly what you are trying to do.

what operating system you have and even what make and model of machine you have before we can even attempt to answer the question.

  Errrdddeeellluuu 17:37 07 Apr 2016

it doesn t happen anything when i press F5 i think my processor i broken?

  Errrdddeeellluuu 17:38 07 Apr 2016

what can i do?

  Errrdddeeellluuu 17:40 07 Apr 2016

i have an i3 1.7Ghz processor and windows 10

  lotvic 19:46 07 Apr 2016

If your processor (CPU) was broken you wouldn't get anything, it wouldn't boot up into windows 10.

What are you wanting to 'refresh'? as per FB asked: What are you attempting to do?

  wee eddie 20:16 07 Apr 2016

I am putting my money on a misunderstanding

  lotvic 20:58 07 Apr 2016

I'll have a guess. OP wants to 'Refresh' the installation of Windows 10.

  Errrdddeeellluuu 17:54 12 Apr 2016

when u right click on the mouse it appears a list of options. U have the option to refresh. When i press it ,it happens nothing.Does this mean anything? There r moments when it works.

  lotvic 20:32 12 Apr 2016

IMHO There is no need to constantly manually refresh the view. The rightclick option is the same as pressing F5 click here for an explanation. The screen will 'blink' as it refreshes so perhaps you don't always notice it.

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