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Reformat Win 7 or clean install Win 10 directly? T

  puputeh24 10:10 24 Jan 2016

Last night I upgraded Itunes it turned out that my laptop couldn't online at all via all applications. The error message I got is socket error wshelper WSA cleanup error. My laptop is Asus A42J 64bits. I plan to reformat Win 7 and I already did back ups. But I want to upgrade or install Win 10 as well. Please take note that my laptop can't online at all if the process needs it. Do I need to get ready pen drive with more than 4gb or a dvd disc? I'm not sure the steps. Thanks in advance. I really need help with it.

  howard64 11:06 24 Jan 2016

does your laptop have a built in factory reset? a reset disk that came with it when you bought it or an option to create reset disk? If your laptop previously connected online then something has stopped it and that needs seeing to. Have you backed up all your data such as documents, pictures and music etc. A clean factory restore for w7 should get the wireless system working again. I would always do a clean w7 install then let it update and finally go to w10. If you are not sure type your model number into google. How to factory reset Asus A42J. Then after backing up to an external site or drive run the restore. This will wipe out everything on the hard disk that you have put on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 24 Jan 2016

click here down and download the windows media creation tool to usb or burn to dvd you can then use that to install a clean version of windows 10 on your ASUS


  puputeh24 12:18 24 Jan 2016

Hi, may I ask which one I should choose? Thanks

On recovery I was asked those 3 options 1) Recover windows to first partition only. 2) Recover windows to entire HD. 3) Recover windows to entire HD with two partitions.

  Forum Editor 12:33 24 Jan 2016

Option 1 means: erase what is on the first partition and install windows to that partition only... leave anything that is on the second partition alone.

Option 2 means: Have one big partition only, with no second partition.

Option 3 means: Erase both partitions, then create two partitions with Windows in one, and nothing in the other.

That information should help you to choose what happens. If you want a completely clean start, with no saved files or software, you might choose option 3.

If you have saved files into the second partition, and you want to keep them go for option 1.

If you want to work with everything in one big partition (as many people do) go for option 2.

  puputeh24 12:39 24 Jan 2016

Sorry, how do I check if the inbuilt recovery partition is still available because I haven't recovered my laptop since the past 2-3 years. Thanks again.

  robin_x 14:02 24 Jan 2016

Choose one of the Options.

It will show an error message if something goes wrong.


When you say you backed up, did you make a Full System Image Backup (all partitions)to an external/2nd drive?

It's the best method in case Factory Restore doesn't work.

W7 must be at SP1 to upgrade to W10. 1]: [click here

  puputeh24 14:07 24 Jan 2016

Hi everyone, I recovered successfully. Thanks a lot!

  Forum Editor 15:42 24 Jan 2016

That's good news - another satisfied customer.

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