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Recovery drive on windows 10

  anniesboy68 12:26 06 Sep 2017

I have just created yet another recovery drive. Although there is no problem now, what is the procedure should I need the drive. On previous occasions I put the drive in, reboot and nothing happens. so I then have to make alternative arrangements to get back to square one. Can anyone advise on this, please. anniesboy68

  alanrwood 12:39 06 Sep 2017

Really need more info on how you create the recovery drive and onto what medium.

Are you making the recovery drive bootable.

Are you changing the boot order in the BIOS when trying to user it.

  anniesboy68 13:24 06 Sep 2017

Its on a usb stick. Just followed the instructions i.e put usb stick in and click on recovery. It formatted the drive and then proceeded with putting info on drive

  anniesboy68 16:07 06 Sep 2017

Been onto the Dell site, all sorted. Thanks for the interest

  john bunyan 19:12 06 Sep 2017

Fine as a recovery drive. For a full back up of all programs, etc, I would use an imaging program like Macrium Reflect and a USB HD drive of the same size as your PC's HD. They are about £50 but well worth it as a "full" back up.

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