Recovering Win 8 upgrade after HD crash

  jonmac 13:18 18 Dec 2013

Last January I downloaded the upgrade from Win7 to Win8 (£25) but before I could receive the upgrade later to Win8.1 my HD expired so when I replaced the HD I could only install Win7. Is there any way of obtaining that 7 to 8 download again so that I can then go to 8.1 at minimum expense?

  rdave13 13:30 18 Dec 2013

You should have your product key in your receipt email from Microsoft and you can upgrade from here.

  rdave13 13:33 18 Dec 2013

I can't remember now but if you get the option to download the iso file for upgrading at a later time then I would so you can then burn the upgrade disc in case of the same situation arising again.

  aitchess708 14:18 18 Dec 2013

I purchased a Toshiba laptop, about 5 months ago, but yesterday it crashed and I cannot get into the computer, all I get is a "disc failed" message and then a message to reboot the computer, how can I do this ? Do I need to purchase software to get back on line?

  rdave13 14:27 18 Dec 2013

aitchess708 I would start a new thread about your problem as It's unfair to jonmac receiving notification emails about someone else's problem and you'll get more replies possibly.

  jonmac 14:52 18 Dec 2013

Thanks for the advice rdave13. The problem is that I can't locate that email but I had a look at the link you gave me and see that because I installed the 64 bit version of Windows 7 this time I wouldn't be able to do the upgrade anyway, I would have to purchase a DVD of Win 8.1. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until Windows 9 appears! Who knows, that might be free if Microsoft follow Apple's route these days!

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