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Recovering files/laptop when OS not found

  paul86 19:13 20 Dec 2017

I have a 2011 Samsung RV510 laptop. It happened to drop 2ft onto a hard floor and while it continued to work, after 20 mins I tried to turn it off and it froze (except the cursor). I then forced turned it off but turned it back on hours later to be faced with system restore options. I selected to restore but cancelled it quickly as I was sure that all my files would be lost! Now all I get is 'AHCI boot from CD-rom' and 'operating system not found'.

I am aware that i need to buy the windows installation disk to reboot the laptop (and as I updated internally from 7 to 8 and then 10 I need to buy a windows 10 disk right?) but I am more concerned with saving the files on my hard drive. Can anyone tell me how they would be affected if I installed Windows 10 and rebooted the OS? I don't know how I can save anything if I cannot turn the laptop on and i dont have another laptop i can insert the hard drive into either (and I don't know how) but I do have an external hard drive with free space.

Many thanks

  Simsy 20:27 20 Dec 2017

Do you have access to another computer?

If so probably the best option is to buy a "caddy" to install the laptop hard drive in... then plug this into the other computer and copy the files that way.

The danger/possibility/probability is that the hard drive itself has got damaged in the fall, which might make getting your data from it an issue anyway!

Another option, that will help to prove if they are accessible, if you have another computer, is to download a version of linux, such as Linux mint and install it onto a USB drive, (or burn a DVD)...

Then use the USB drive, (or DVD), to boot the laptop. The laptop should boot from either of these methods without needing the internal hard drive... once it has booted you can then see if you can read your data, and may even be able to copy it onto your spare hard drive using linux without needing a "caddy"

I hope that makes sense. It really isn't difficult. I just hope that your laptop hard drive is still functioning!



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:05 20 Dec 2017

Yes its possible the HDD is damaged and you have corrupted windows system files preventing it from Booting. Cancelling a system restore half way through has definately caused the non booting problem.

Back up you data first to another PC / USB as described by Simsy

Win 10 can be download from here make the boot media and boot from that to do a startup repair or system restore if it will let you. Don't worry about the Windows key as it is now kept on windows servers for win 10.

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