Recent windows upadate possible issues?

  john bunyan 16:09 23 Mar 2019

I have a desktop and a laptop; both fully up to date with latest w 10 updates. A couple of weeks ago, I think just after the cumulative update KB4489899, the desktop was fine but I started getting spasmodic BSOD's on the Dell XPS 13 laptop - only on start up , which sometimes ran a correction, other times reported errors . I tried all the usual things like chkdsk /f /r /x and sfc /scannow with no errors. As I have a Dell Premium plan I had a very long phone session where thy tested every soft and hardware feature. There were a few tweaks. However the problem re appeared, so I had a " chat" and call with MS. They helped to do an ISO reinstall of W10. One other point is that in the event viewer, errors of BHUSB were noted. I have a wireless dongle for a mouse on the Dell, so as a precaution I disconnected it on start up. In the end, all seems well, but As the installation was yesterday I am uncertain if all updates are in.I did check and only .Net framework ones came in that came to the desktop in early March. Do I assume that the cumulative update KB4489899 is in with the installation? As it is new only a few updates are recorded. I have used Disc cleanup to remove the windows.old file.

  x13 21:42 23 Mar 2019

As the issue is on start up I would recommend disabling hibernation and thus it disables fast start-up. In CMD as Administrator type or copy powercfg -h off and press enter. See how a fresh boot works after shut-down.

  john bunyan 21:50 23 Mar 2019

x 13

Thanks; will give it a try. Someone also suggested downloading the Toshiba SSD diagnostic tool (The Dell has a 509gig Toshiba one ) to see if that is a contributor.

  john bunyan 22:03 23 Mar 2019

P S I always shut down rather than shutting the lid so don’t remember using the hibernation function so won’t miss it . Will try tomorrow

  john bunyan 22:06 23 Mar 2019

PPS What about the cumulative updates - is it built in to the new installation? When I checked for updates it was not offered.

  x13 22:09 23 Mar 2019

I always shut down

That's the time hibernation and fast start-up kicks in. It will remember a bad boot up as well as a good one. As you have plenty of ram and an SSD you don't really need the hiberfil.sys

  x13 22:11 23 Mar 2019

What about the cumulative updates - is it built in to the new installation? When I checked for updates it was not offered.

Check Winver in 'run' to see what version you have.

  x13 22:15 23 Mar 2019

17763.379 3/12/2019 Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) KB 4489899

  john bunyan 22:30 23 Mar 2019

Will look tomorrow- on iPhone at the mo - thanks

  john bunyan 13:16 24 Mar 2019


Both Desktop and laptop have w 1809 v 17763.379. The desktop update history includes KB 4489899 but te laptop does not as I assume it was built into the ISO Windows 10 after it had been issued. Anyway all seems fine now. I will bear in mind your point on hibernation if I get a recurrence , thanks, I have made a Macrium Reflect image of the working system and a restore point.

  john bunyan 08:44 25 Mar 2019

Regrettably the problem returned. It seems not to be a MS issues W10 reinstalled, and ffc / scannow founno problems, neither did a full memory test. A blue screen check showed the culprit is ntsoskrnl.exe. I have checked all drivers. Now wonder if it is a SSD issue. May try a SSD check- the SSD is a Toshiba KXG50ZNvs 512GNvMe. Will contact Dell later. Did stop hibernation

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