Received message " copy of Windows 7 not Genuine "

  Redlegs 16:57 09 Jul 2012

Hi there my anticipated future helpers ! Received above cheerio about a week ago -- ignored it and carried on as I knew my version was indeed genuine -- have had it for three years. 2 days ago, after normal start up,the screen went blank -- actually black , and the only thing showing is the above message again ,with the notation " Build 7601 " Unable to get any thing to come up at all except " Task Master " reference which proved to be useless.So made the call to Microsoft - in Manila, and was able to convince them that my item was " genuine " --- however they then left me "in the lurch " saying I need to get in a tech guy, as the MS guy could not guide me out of my black screen situation, tho he gave me several ideas to try and pull up the "Start " button and get back in, So -- any ideas how I can get myself back to " Square One " ?? --- Computer was working AOK before this situation appeared --- let MS know I am not impressed -- they cause the problem , in my opinion , but I have to fix it !! Any advice will be greatly appreciated ( this request being sent via my wife's laptop -- and she is not happy either !! ) cheers ,Redlegs , Adelaide , South Australia

  chub_tor 19:07 09 Jul 2012

Can you get into Safe Mode?

Try booting into Safe Mode and see if your are able to access the desktop

Boot your PC, just before the system loads the Windows operating system; hit the [F8] Function 8 key on your keyboard which will launch the Advanced Boot Options menu. Select Safe Mode.with Networking.

  Redlegs 01:01 10 Jul 2012

Hi there Chub_tor and thanks for your response. Followed your advice --we bombed out !! --net result was the same black screen-- repeat of "not genuine " message at top of screen in the middle , and the phrase "Safe Mode " appearing in the four corners of the screen !!! Flogging the mouse and sundry keys could not advance my cause !!! anyone ?? Redlegs

  KRONOS the First 10:12 10 Jul 2012

Reinstall or repair install is the way to go, but prior to that pull the harddrive from the PC and attached to another and copy any and all of your personal stuff.

A pain in the didgeridoo but unfortunately I do not think you have any other option. In saying that Repair install might be problematic and I would suggest the clean install option.

  Redlegs 04:03 13 Jul 2012

Hi there Chronus ----have thought long and hard about pulling the PC apart and " cold feet " syndrome appeared, so am making plans to get the whole doover over to someone who might have the " where with all " to do just that --- thanks for your response and interest --- till next " too hard " item comes on my radar --- cheers , Redleg

  KRONOS the First 09:27 13 Jul 2012

Chicken.LOL. Hope you get it sorted mate.

  Redlegs 16:45 14 Jul 2012

Yep ---- guilty as charged !! --- tis fear of the unknown !! What would be the chances of me persuading Microsoft to pick up the tab for my costs and inconvenience ?? Does any one have any thoughts of what may have led to my problem --- they sent me the disc --- I have the paperwork to prove it --- or am I just trying to push something uphill ??? cheers , Redlegs

  KRONOS the First 17:12 14 Jul 2012

What would be the chances of me persuading Microsoft to pick up the tab for my costs and inconvenience ??

Er probably little or no chance with leaning towards little as the most likely option.

  rdave13 17:37 14 Jul 2012

But you could complain loudly - even if it is only to stop someone else going through the same problem. You don't use any Reg cleaning, or these 'optimizing', programs?

  lotvic 20:08 14 Jul 2012

This situation is where Acronis True Image (and others that do same job) is worth it's weight in gold. You have an image of the Drive that you can put back on and be up and running in half an hour and all you have lost is data accumulated since the backup image was made.

  rdave13 20:18 14 Jul 2012

lotvic, can't agree more with your post.

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