Realtek Digital Sound Issue Windows 10

  Zoltán Katona 15:34 28 Jan 2017

This issue just started about 1-2 months, before that, for about 2 years, I never experienced anything. I have the same operation system. The problem is, the sounds are all good but whenever, I plug in my headphones or speakers, it is going to me mute. I mean, I just won't hear anything. I tried only allowing 'Speakers' then only 'Realtek Digital Output', when I plug it out, the sounds come back. This time, it happened randomly, but it usually happens, when I use Skype, I got my headphones plugged in, I call my friend, I hear the 'Beep-Beeps' and when she answer, the problem start, and I have to plug it out to hear her. The only solution I found, is to re-install the Realtek Driver everytime, and it means two restarts ... Did anyone ever experience anything like this? Maybe any solution? Thank you!

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